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Player Level 40
Last Online 16-02-2017 10:39:19
Hero League Qualification Yes
Highest Rank Achieved Grand Master
Heroes Specialist - All / Support - All / Assassin - All / Warrior - All
Combat Info
Look For Competitive Team Yes
Time Zone NZST (e.g. Auckland)
Game Modes Ranked / Brawl / Custom
Play Time Weekday All Day
Weekend All Day
Personal Channel www.twitch.tv/kotorinet
Brilliant record
Captain, shotcaller and support for "Reality" -- First Grandmaster ANZ -- (Nuyomi/Kotori/Ram/Pocky) -- I stream on twitch at www.twitch.tv/kotorinet -- PLEASE give me a follow, would greatly appreciate it ♥
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  • plays a really good murky even though he claims to have only played him twice
    Okay, I lied. I have played it 3 times. https://puu.sh/rY8cD/9f66b0ba8b.png