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Player Level 40
Last Online 16-12-2016 02:32:58
Hero League Qualification Yes
Highest Rank Achieved Silver
Heroes Zagara / Xul / Sylvanas / Medivh / Uther / Tyrande / Tassadar / Rehgar / Li Li / Auriel / Valla / Tychus / Thrall / Samuro / Lunara / Li-ming / Kerrigan / Jaina / Falstad / Tyrael / Sonya / Muradin / Diablo
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Look For Competitive Team No
Time Zone AWST (e.g. Perth)
Game Modes Ranked
Play Time Weekday 17:00 pm - 5:59 am
Weekend 17:00 pm - 5:59 am
Personal Channel http://disconcur.com
Brilliant record
Looking for a group of people to play Team league with. Shouter Caster for Heroes of the Storm Australia / New Zealand, Founder of @ANZHeroes.com and Co-Founder of Mastermindsgc.com Disconcur.com Twitch.tv/Disconcur Youtube.com/Disconcur Disconcur@gmail.com
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  • You were hush-hush about having something in the works. Is this site what you were talking about? Thanks for keeping the ANZ scene alive mate :D
    This is done by Blizzard ANZ, I helped with some quality control and testing but all the thanks goes to them!
  • U stand out there with ur cute goatee but nonetheless ur an idiot.
    With great hair comes great responsibility
  • hello
    How's it going Coldblood =)
  • great streamer, would watch again A+++++++
    Wish I could just stream more often. Still get to shout cast a lot though =)